Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I will be teaching within the Faculty of Arts at Constantine the Philosopher University UKF). It is a leading educational and research institution among Slovak universities.  The mission of UKF is to develop education, science, moral behavior art and culture. The university focuses on job- oriented programs to train professionals in a variety of areas. Students determine their program of study based on their own interests, and are required to take a broad range of courses in both humanities and social sciences.

UKF also have Master Degree programs and Doctoral programs. In fact, I am teaching a seminar to Master Degree students in my department. This course is in adddition to two other undergraduate seminars I will teach.  Each Seminar is 90 minutes a week.

Within the College of Arts, UKF has the following programs:

  • Archaeology
  • Cultural studies
  • English & American studies
  • Ethnology & Ethnomusicology
  • General and Applied Ethics
  • German Studies
  • History
  • Journalism
  • Management of Culture and Tourism
  • Museology
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science & European Studies
  • Religious Studies
  • Romance Languages
  • Russian
  • Slovak Language
  • Slovak Literature
  • Sociology
  • Translatology
I am interested to undertand how the Department of Mass Media Communication & Advertising works specifically with the departments of Journalism and Management of Culture and Tourism. 

I know also, that UKF has many cooperative agreements with universities across Europe that allow students to get dual degrees. In the USA, they work with Oswego University. 

I shall know more in a couple of weeks, specifically as I will be going to an academic conference in with all Fulbright recipients  from Slovak Republic and Czech Republic. The conference will be in the city of Olomous, Czeck Republic. 


Suzannefree said...

Interesting, let us know how you are navigating the language barrier. Also, your experience with governmental structure.

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