Sunday, April 21, 2013

I have been awarded a Fulbright award for the 2013-2014 academic year. My son and I will be departing to The Slovak Republic in January of 2014. We will be living in Nitra, a town about 1 hour east of the capital of Bratislava. Nitra has about 85,000 people, and is the oldest town in the country.  I will be teaching two classes at Constantine the Philosopher University.  When I find out more, I will post it.

However to get ready for the trip, I have begun to take my son on various mini-vacations and day trips. I feel this will prepare him, a tiny bit, for the constant traveling around and exploration of everything possible in Europe for the 5-6 months I will be there.  Many of the sites there will not be that exciting, but I am working to find ways of getting him excited.

To that end, I will be posting my US trips here on this blog, much as I did when I was teaching in Poland.  I have a passion for history, so I figure New England will be a good place to start for both my son and I. Additionally, my son will be blogging on his own blog.  He will take pictures and write about his experiences in Europe also. His blog is

So to begin this new venture, I bring you our most recent trips in the U.S.  Stay with us- this will be a experience for all of us!


carmen de leon said...

How beautiful and exciting. I wish you the best, a prince maybe? You have been too so many places and met so many exciting people. I am really happy for you and Caden.

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