Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I have not written for a over a week.  This is because after spending several days in the Netherlands  we went the very next weekend (this last one) to Prague. Traveling makes me tired.  Plus, when we got back from Prague, we found 1) the fridge had ripened due to bad turkey, 2) the dishwasher had stopped in the middle of a run, causing the dishes inside to mold, 3) the TV would not turn on, 4) the DVR would not stop flashing 12:02 and 5) the internet router was kaputt.  To top this off, when we went to the bathroom, and flushed, the commode ran and ran and ran.

I called the landlord.

Now, Wednesday, everything is fixed and we got a new flat screen TV out of the deal.  So, I can now write.  Except that I taught all day and  I am tired.  I can tell you that I got a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal that comes out in April or May, reviewed a new text book for a bit of cash, and have turned in a paper to a Polish peer reviewed journal with a colleague. Between working, writing and traveling, I. Am. Tired.

I will write more later.


the old man in south texas said...

Reminds me of your mishaps in RI, ie the fllor at you old landlords place, the water bypass valve at your new place. All the electrical was probably due to a power outage or spike. But the toilet who knows. Rest up and get ready for your next adventure.

Lavender Shutters said...

Glad to read more, sorry you're so tired but what a tale! Still cold here but crocuses are coming up anyway. How did you like Holland? My family is from Amsterdam.
Be well!

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