Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ahhh, I know I have not written for several days. Between the site seeing and the bad sleep I have been getting every night, I have not had the energy to sit down and rehash everything I have been doing. My apartment in Lodz is on the common square with all the students. the kids get home from bars at about 5:30 am and i wake up every morning. Then I guess their day starts becuase teh sqaure is loud from that moment on.

Last week (on Friday) I toured around Lodz and saw the Lodz Ghetto from WWII. I have many pictures and facts to share with you on the next post. Saturday I taught in Lodz, walked the 25 of so blocks to the Lodz Fabryczna train station. BTW, I don't know why it is called that- it is the central station in this city. Perhaps it is because the city was known previous to WWII for creating fabric...and the major manufacturing plant is very close?? Anyway, ended up in Warsaw, walked up and out of the Central Station, crossed the street and grabbed any tram going to the right. At Rondo ONZ, (three stops) I jump off, cross under the street, walk 1 block and arrive at my hotel. I was ready to post my Lodz trip, when they informed me there was no internet that day. I went to bed. Woke up 100 times through the night because there was a major thunderstorm, and was tired all day. I ate a free breakfast (it is icky BTW) and walked outside, crossed the street-- took any tram going to the right two stops and then walked three blocks to the Warsaw campus. I taught all day. I came back to my hotel (I walked the whole way--I needed to shake off all that teaching) changed clothes and headed out to get some food.

To get to Old Town from my hotel (which according to the tourist guides is the best 1 star hotel in the city) You take tram 32 to the right all the way to Old Town... go up the stairs and there you are. It was very busy (again) and many things to do. I however, was intent on eating. I ended up at The Mexican. I had to wait a long time to order because the waitress was being hit-on by three men at a table next to mine. The blonder of the three looked and me and smiled like he was sorry his friend was doing this. Anyway forever later, she took my order (you see the waitresses had on half shirts showing off their belly-sexy I guess). The men looked over at me, and I made some comment about their flirting- and they spoke English, so we started talking. I join them at their table and ended up drinking more than I have since Caden was born and had a lot of fun (plus the guys paid). I took a cab with the three of them, got dropped at my hotel and crashed.

The next day, I met the single one for lunch and we made plans to see the sites the next day. I took a train home that night, and again slept badly in Lodz. It turns out that the one that was flirting so hard is married with a 20 month daughter. He was very good looking though- dark hair, and blue blue eyes. He knows he's cute-yet he was not a jerk. The good looking one and the blonder one are both German Secret Service types- they guard the German embassy in Warsaw for the time being. The blonder one is the top position there, the cute one second in command. The single one owns his own printing company in Germany near the French boarder. All spoke German, some French and English. It was cool because I got to practice my German.
Tuesday, i took the train back to Warsaw and met up with the single one (Tom) to sight see. I got home last night in Lodz around 11pm (where I called home and found out about TRANSFORMERS!!) Anyway, that is why I did not get to post anything before now.


Anonymous said...

Lodz Fabryczna train station:
"Fabryk" refers to the nearby factory, not facric (cloth).

Amiee Shelton said...

That make sense. Also since the factory actually did create cloth :)

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