Thursday, July 17, 2008

So today I spend the day wandering around looking for a place to rent a bike, because it gets tiring walking everywhere. There is only one place in town that rents bikes, and they seem to be closed. Thus, I purchased a bike for 300z. Yep, for 150 bucks I am not the owner of a Walmart quality Polish bike. The good news? The Security guard says he will purchase it from me when I leave for 200z. That would be great- it would have cost me more to rent one for as many days as I would have wanted one. I need to check into how I can bring it with me when I travel to the other cities in Poland.

Anyway, by the time I finally got the bike, it was too late to go to the Jewish sector because the Cemetery closes at 1700. I did get a bunch of information about Lodz from the information office. I will head out and do the Jewish quarter tour on my own tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I did find a couple of things very interesting- I have to go back again tomorrow (to go inside some of these). For example, there is a 18th century mill (Mlyn) here that has all the original mill homes. I did not take pictures, but I will go back and do so. The man who owned these was the richest man in the region, but one would never know it--he did not act like he was so rich.

The second richest man in the region had a Manufaktura on the other side of town, and lived in a palace that would rival royalty. This, I did take a picture of--but did not go inside yet--it is a very high class museum now. However, the buildings that encompasses the compound (which ran 'till 1960's) have been purchased by a French firm and turned into an amazing mall. I was told this is the largest in Poland. It is unbelievable! The shopping here kicks America's butt for sure. See the pictures of the area....

Former House of Manufacturer 


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