Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First, I only came back to Lodz today because I am worried about money--and it was raining cats and dogs (which when I say that , Caden always looks for the Animals). I need to go back to do the other things I want to do. I may...I will decide what I am doing next week later this week.

Anyway, The day I had the bike, I also toured the Jewish Quarter of Krakow. This is not where they had the ghetto in WWII. Instead, this is where the Jews lived then (and now),  but the Nazi's relocated the Jews across the river during the war. This area was interesting, and filled with Synagogues, all of which were here before. There is a bit of the wall left across the river in the old Ghetto, but I did not make it over there (on my list for later along with the oldest salt mine in the world). Meanwhile, the streets in the Jewish Quarter are more narrow, and not as cleaned up as old town...but charming. I took a picture of a typical street in this quarter. The other pictures are of ruins left from WWII and the Russian occupancy.

While I was in Krakow, I met an Israeli man who is a tour guide in Jerusalem. He can tell you of your life by looking at your palm. It seems you right hand tells the story of your personality, and you left the future. He can not read your future, but he does great with personality. He got mine exactly right. It was amazing! I see now what draws people to pay for this. It was very interesting!

Anyway, I am back in Lodz tonight and will hang out here. I need to grade my on-line class papers (I am behind) and plan my lecture for this weekend.


the old man in south texas said...

Glad to see that you are getting out and absorbing the local culture. I know the little guy is having fun and before you know it you'll be back. Be safe and take care, as always, John

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