Monday, July 14, 2008

So I did drag my extremely tired bum out last night in Warsaw. I went to "old town." I took a tram and we went under a very deep tunnel. I then exited the tram and walked up many stairs to.....and oh my gosh! It was amazing! This area was unlike anything I had seen. It was filled with people, the buildings were old world and magnificent. There were street vendors and music and little kids running around. There was a palace, and so many clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes etc that it was overwhelming. The buildings are of course all new. The city was basically flattened by WWII. In fact, Eisenhower remarked upon visiting that he had seen many bombed cities, but never a city so completely destroyed.

I ate at a very good restaurant- and actually not expensive (50 Zoltys- which seems pretty average). The restaurant, and in fact every one I went in to check out- was decorated like it had been pictured in a magazine. It was absolutely amazing looking. I look a picture:

While I was there, I ran into a professor from Boston University who lives-wait for it--- in Newport! He and other PhD candidates and professors were there for a conference. I left in the poring rain, took the wrong tram (#24 instead of #34) and by the time I got back to my shoebox hotel room, I was soaked throughout. My shoes are still unwearable one night later.


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