Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Okay, I am ready to write more on Warsaw. But before I do, I want to point out something. Blogs should be for information sharing. In this case, I am attempting to show Poland as it is, as most American’s have no idea of the country. Anything I write (including my personal notes) are geared not as a sounding board for me to imprint my opinions on others (ok, maybe not the Obama thing)-but to start a dialogue. My goal is to educate others on the world and illustrate that while America is great- it is not the best, biggest or brightest. I Love America, but I believe Americans should learn from others. So, contrary to many other people who write in blogs, I don’t want to write about me. Sometimes though, “me” creeps in. What can I say….

Meanwhile, concerning Poland, I need to add something. Chicago has more Polish people living in in than does Warsaw. Interesting fact? Another? Polish airborne troops fought alongside the celebrated American “E Company” airborne division of the famous 101st division in WWII. A Polish Solider said to an American, correctly, that this would be the first time Polish and American Forces had fought together. What I find wonderful about this is that the country of Poland was under Nazi control, and faced significant obstacles regarding Russia at this time…but still fought for the “English Language” forces of the Allies. Hur-rah indeed! Poland stories concerning the bravery of its people should be told, and we Americans should listen. Talk about overcoming odds! Talk about pride, and perseverance.

Facts: Poland had most extensive resistance in all of WWII. Poland had thousands of troops (from underground sources) in the country at the fall of Nazi power. Poland sent planes and troops to Europe as Nazi’s were moving in—in order to fight another day. Poland survived the destruction of WWII and the Communist eras. Poland caused the Nazi’s many headaches, because they did not give in. Polish citizens took their capital back (flew the Polish flag no less over the city!)for a month during WWII, and it took another month for the Nazi’s to put down the surge. This all from a country that has been sacked, controlled and free so many times even the Polish begin to forget who, when and where. Talk about the undeniable spirit. A most patriotic American is humbled by the history of this country. Could America have endured all this? We will never know. Hats off Poland! (Germany was not overly thrilled to have Poland join the EU- echoes of feeling less than?) I wait to see what Poland can pull off with EU support. I hope to continue working with Clark in my current capacity- for many reasons—one of which is to see the growth of Lodz, Warsaw, and the country.

Anyway, here are some pictures of the city of Warsaw. Then and now since I was just talking about my wonder at the citizens of this country.


Roxanne O'Connell said...

This triggered some things I remember from my American History classes... it's not the first time Poles and Americans fought together. Kosciuszko and Pulaski are two big names from the Revolutionary War.


Woonssocket, RI has a Pulaski Boulevard as one of its main streets.

Cheers - Roxanne

guest said...

Watch this...

American Al Gore vs. Polish Irena Sendler :)


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