Saturday, July 12, 2008

So I made it to Warsaw, and than down to Lodz-which is not said "lodz" instead is said "woodge." I will be teaching graduate classes on Saturdays in Lodz, and Sundays in Warsaw. The two cities are about 2 hours apart. I will be taking the train back and forth.

Warsaw is the capitol of Poland, and I will share more on that later (when I get there), but Lodz is the third largest city in Poland, following Krakow only slightly. My first reactions to Poland is that it is very similar to Germany (where I just was last month). Germany is better at public relations then is Poland in general-based on what I have already read about tourist sights etc. Overall I have been struck by the amount of buildings that are in need of work. I am appalled at the way the Russians destroyed things while they were in control-and the architecture's of the Soviet Era is horrendous!

I can not imagine the amount of work it has been for Polish Citizens to get to where they are even today--after communism went by the wayside. With this in mind, and the fact that Poland just joined the EU in 2004, I am amazed at the progress already made. There is quite a bit of construction going on in Lodz- specifically nicer apartments. There is also a Autobahn- Interstate road being planned- which the country really needs! The traffic is pretty heavy from what I have seen while traveling by auto from Warsaw to Lodz.

Here is my apartment and campus:


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