Saturday, July 12, 2008

Oh my God. It was a long day of teaching. My voice is almost gone from talking so loud and for so long. Class began at 9am and went to 6pm. I let them go a 1/2 hour early. I than went to the train station (walking with my heavy bags) and missed the train to Warsaw by 3 minutes. Soooo, I stored my bags at the train station (4 zolty) and walked down a couple of blocks to the pedestrian mall to get some food. This side of the mall is much nicer. I ate at a quasi Mexican joint that played live Mexican music and had girls dressed in skimpy Mexican dresses. The restaurant was down a long ally way and at the end was this oasis of Spanish-looking-bricks overhanging a courtyard with trees and fountains. It almost looked like San Antonio- except the servers were speaking Polish! I ordered and said "mucho gracias." It was silly to speak words of Spanish in Poland.

The food was not so great- my simple pollo quesadilla was not so excelente! Plus, this simple meal with a EXCELLENT Strawberry Marguerita by the way-Poland does good alcohol- was a whopping 30 zolty.

Anyway, by the time I got back to the train- I was wiped (btw, the train was 32 zolty). After 1.5 hours on a very clean and nice above-ground-subway-type- train, I arrived at the zentrum of Warsaw. Although at this point, I can not remember if "zentrum' is German or polish for "center'. I grabbed a cab to go 1km and paid 9 Zolty. This country is expensive!

My Hotel is very basic, but clean. It's across the street from the tram that is 'supposed to take me to class tomorrow- except I have to guess a little, because they did not have a map to give me. The room is tiny, and the shower is about the size of my fat bum and not an inch larger- but hey! I'm in Poland.

I am going to bed- I teach another 9 hours tomorrow.


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